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Discover the colours and flavours of modern Vietnam

Our story began many years ago in Nam Dinh province in Northern Vietnam. Back then food was much more than something to fill our bellies. It was the smell of delicate lemongrass and aromatic herbs swirling around the kitchen. It was the warmth and spice of shared Pho Broth on Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It was laughter around the dinner table, and it was the very best of family times.  

Now we bring contemporary Vietnamese food to Edinburgh, and the vibrant culture that goes with it.

We’re not about fast food, street food or eat-up-and-go. At SEN we welcome you as friends. Take the time to relax, make yourself comfortable, enjoy delicious cuisine and learn about its origins. From our signature Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’), warming Lantern Curry or fresh, tongue-tingling Salads, join us to experience the colours and flavours of modern Vietnam. If you’re lucky, we might even let you into the secret of our perfectly crispy Hanoi spring rolls.

We think Vietnamese food is special. Thank you for enjoying it with us.


Traditional, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients for truly authentic flavours

In the SEN kitchen, quality is everything. We cook with the finest produce, to bring you beautiful Vietnamese dishes that taste like home.

We’re lucky to have Scotland’s wonderful natural larder on our doorstep, and we source many of our ingredients locally. The steak in our classic Pho and Shaking Beef comes from farms in East Lothian and Dumfries. The seafood in our dishes are delivered to our kitchen daily, sourced from Scotland’s best fish markets.


We do go a little farther afield for our herbs and spices to bring you the true, authentic tastes of Vietnam. The cinnamon, cloves, star anise, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and black cardamom we use come from natural forests and have been slow-dried in the Vietnamese sunshine. Fresh lemongrass not only gives warmth and gingery citrus notes to our dishes, but has medicinal properties too. Savour the flavours in our chilli and lemongrass dishes and our comforting Lantern Curry.

The story behind our dishes is also important to us. Our name, ‘SEN’, is Vietnamese for lotus, Vietnam’s national flower, and it is a vital ingredient in our cooking. Try our more-ish lotus root chips with a cold beer or delicate lotus flower tea, made by enclosing green tea leaves in the flowers to absorb the aroma.

We’re also big on sustainability and like to support other local businesses. Our friends at our local wine supplier have helped us to curate the perfect choice of organic and biodynamic wines for you to enjoy and we’ll help you find just the right accompaniment to your meal. 

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